What is Digital Divide?

The digital divide is a social issue that refers to the difference in the amount of information between people with access to the internet and those without this access. The question of who can access the internet for information should not be limited to a specific group of people. It should be accessible to all the people. A lot of work needs to be done to bridge the gap that exists, how do we bridge it?

Ways of bridging the digital divide.


There is an apparent gap as there are people who have more access to digital information as compared to others. This gap needs to be done away with. Here is how;


Encourage use of mobile communication: The method of cellular phones is progressively assuming an essential part in the formation of activism, helping residence express their issues and bring them to light. The mobile phone these days has become a versatile device for use by the people. It can be used as an alarm clock, a calendar, a camera and also for communication purposes. This device can help you find your location by the use of maps and also call for help when in danger. On other occasions, the mobile telephone can be used for work as the documents could easily be made on the device and sent through email.


Encouraging the use of these devices will help reduce the digital divide.


Focus on digital literacy: Digital literacy could help reduce the gap. There should be more services that are accessible digitally as compared to those that are not. Functions such as paying bills, filing taxes, accessing bank accounts should be done online. With this being easier in the comfort of the house than having to run all these errands in a day, the digital gap is reduced.


Networking: The aim is to increase the use of the internet in the world. Meetings, local, regional or international, can be held through use of the web with appointed parties answering the questions. This will increase the number of users of the internet bridging the gap.


Develop local content: Providing access to the internet and digital facilities to those without access is not enough. Determine what these items are to be used for by those individuals and work towards providing the local content that is relevant for all groups of internet users. Where possible, the information provided should be in native languages for a better understanding of the user. Making the formation on the internet user-friendly helps reduce the digital divide.


Reduction of costs of digital devices: The digital divide could be due to the higher priced digital devices making them only accessible to high-income earners and not those who are not well off. The government in each country should work to ensuring that these devices are sold at prices that are affordable to everybody in the country to bridge the digital divide that is in existence in the state.


Conclusion: The digital divide should be bridged to make the world a more digital place. The ways to reduce it have been discussed above. Also, learn more about the espresso coffee side effects. IT’ll do a lot of good when attempting to unite people, ideas and organizations.